Wildlife Rescue Drones : WildLife Drone

The conceptual WildLife Drone is a piece of technology for use amongst wildlife rescue and preservation professionals to support their need to interact with animals in a more noninvasive manner.

The drone works by being used for. injection, blood collection or observation needs amongst professionals, which can be performed in a less invasive manner. This could eliminate the need for a large team and also cause less stress to the animal by not having humans get too close or interact with them.

The conceptual WildLife Drone is the design work of LuHeng, Bao Liyuan ,Young Hwan Pan, Zhai Weiming, XuLe, ZhaoJian, Zhu Qiming, Liao Pengcheng, ChenXin, Qin Zhicong and Qing Qihao, and is the winner of the European Product Design Award 2020 in the gadget category.

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