What will travel and tourism look after Covid-19?

You are not alone! Everyone else is doing the same asking themselves about the future of travel after coronavirus pandemic. For tourism professionals and enthusiasts, there are intriguing questions about the travel industry such as- The future of travel after the Coronavirus-What will travel and tourism look after Covid-19- When is time to get back on the road to travel and explore again the world?

The Coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly affected the world and all business sectors for short and long-term with travel among the hard-hit ones.  In many travel companies, it is no surprise that bookings went down by 90%. The impact this pandemic has created cannot be ignored with few airlines, travel companies, hotels going bankrupt, or being forced to lay off a big number of their staff.

The good news is there are always travelers who cannot wait to hit the road again- when parks, borders and international travel is back to normal. In our company, existing bookings had been scheduled for 2021 and we are lucky to get new inquiries about tentative bookings in 2021 although there is the uncertainty created by this pandemic. That is an encouraging sign that one day travel will recover. East Africa is lucky to not have recorded many Covid-19 cases. But the region as the rest of the world been financially affected- and the travel sector in particular.

As we enter a new era of this pandemic, some countries have begun easing travel restrictions to allow in international travelers and tourists who test negative for the coronavirus prior to their travel and after they reach the airport.  One can expect a few vacations, business trips, and group tours being canceled. Travel agencies and tour operators will need to amend booking and cancellation terms to make them more flexible.

A huge uncertainty hangs over traveling and for sure no one can tell how fast the travel industry will get back on track. Will the travel experience for those who will travel look different?

travel again after covid-19

Travel again after COVID-19

Travel will normalize quicker in some countries than others

The pandemic has caused millions of people to lose their jobs leaving some indelible scars to the travel industry. The after Covid-19 era will set a new style of international travel as well as on corporate and leisure levels. Countries that handled well COVID-19 will likely get travel normalized quicker than others.

Tourists will require local expertise more than before

Tourists particularly solo travelers who were feeling safe to make their own arrangements will change habits. Tourists who enjoy experiencing and exploring new locations on their own will tend to use local travel companies than before. We all want to feel safe when traveling so consider tours that will specialize in small group trips. A traditional tour company where you have a local guide familiar with destinations can advise and find you an alternative if any unpredictable situation arises during your trip contrarily to online travel booking sites. Local companies can advise you best on additional concerns or specific questions on your destination.

Tour prices could be unaffordable, but travel will keep on moving forward

Before Covid-19, a few countries suffered the impact of over-tourism, but the world has now obviously moved to a no-tourism side. Many businesses broke meaning purchase power has dropped, and this will affect the number of people traveling on an international scale. But the good news is whatever our income, travel will take a piece of it. To revive tourism, airlines, hoteliers, and tour companies will work on different strategies to compete for the tourist dollar by offering discounts. As for tour itineraries, tailor-made trips will likely be the most sold products opposed to pre-made tours.

Travel will remain fundamental to this modern life

Looking at the high volume and speed travelers used to move from one country to another before Covid-19 at a relatively low-cost, we came to realize how important the human movement is important to this modern life. Students or people who emigrated from different regions, countries, or continents could visit their families and friends because flying wasn’t difficult: Reaching their homelands for a family reunion or adventure was quick. During this pandemic, travel has shown itself fundamental to people’s lives.

People will keep traveling because we travel for a purpose

If you want to travel either for a family visit, adventure, do it now. Covid-19 pandemic has shown us that we cannot predict what is ahead of us tomorrow or even today.  From younger throughout older age, one of the reasons we travel is the need to understand best the planet we live in at different levels- self-discovery, new cultures, traditions. This curiosity leads us to understand how we all connected regardless of geographical distances. Whether for business or leisure, people have been traveling and will always do: to pursue history, the beauty of culture, and seek new places. Staying home has never been in people’s plans except in some situations, and it won’t help those who want to experience new destinations and create memories that will shape one’s vision vis-a-vis- of this world.

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