Southside Refuses to Diss Yung Miami, Wishes Her the Best After Breakup


Unlike last time, when he shaded the City Girls member so badly after their first split, the record producer makes it clear that he has nothing but good things to say about her ex.

Southside has addressed his split from Yung Miami. Just a day after the latter confirmed their breakup, the record producer held an Instagram Live session on Monday, September 21 to speak nothing but good things about his baby mama as he refused to bash the female emcee like last time.

During the stream, Southside made it clear that their split was amicable. “I ain’t mad about none of that s**t. I’m a hunnid. I ain’t finna get on here and do all that,” he said. “Things took a turn where I went my way, she went her way. I wish her the best. Can’t wait, go get the album… City Girls album right now.” In response to people who tried to pit the exes against each other, he said, “Kill it. Can that man. We ain’t on that. I ain’t on that at all.”

His decision not to bash Miami apparently came as a surprise to some people, considering that he shaded her so badly back when they first broke up. “Talk bout you single, b***h. Nobody give a f**k! Who cares? Nobody is going to wife you sweetie. [If] they see what you really look like without your wig on and s**t, they’re not going to want to f**k with you,” he said at the time.

Thrashing the vacation he and Miami went to prior to the split, he continued, “F**k that vacation! She paid for that weak a** vacation! Took me to that weak a** spot, s**t made me sick anyway. My vacation cost a whole hunnit (hundred) bands, that’s how we get down. Stop playin’ with me. Ima show y’all my vacation.”

Despite that, the then-couple reconciled later on before welcoming their daughter, Summer, months later.