Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds’ Anime Trailer Teases Another Charming Adventure


Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds has a new anime trailer today that once again has us wishing the game was destined for a western launch.

The upcoming mobile MMO is being developed by both Level-5 and Netmarble, with only a Japanese launch currently planned.

That’s likely to be a sore spot for fans of the franchise given how surprisingly excellent the game looked in its first gameplay trailer earlier this summer, and now this latest anime sequence that feels quintessentially Ni No Kuni.

The series has, of course, always incorporated sublime anime story cutscenes either side of its in-game cel-shaded graphical aesthetic, and that is set to continue in Cross Worlds despite the change of platform.

Level-5 offers the following story synopsis via the game’s official website:

You are a beta tester for the virtual reality game “Soul Divers.” As you progress through the game, you start to notice that the game’s world is real. After meeting a mysterious woman named Rania, you learn your mission. To carry out your mission, you must confront powerful enemies and rebuild the kingdom… Is it possible to save the connected two worlds from ruin?

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds is slated for a Japanese iOS and Android launch in 2020.

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