Macklemore gets a makeover during lockdown

Quarantine has hit Macklmore in a different way, with the rapper undergoing a makeover and shocking fans with his full head of natural curls and manicured moustache.

The 37-year-old superstar posted a shocking photo of himself on his Instagram on Sunday.

“Oh you didn’t think I was gonna hit the glow up during Covid? Tag someone that didn’t know I had natural curls and enter in a chance to win my secret recipe for the perfect dangles,” he captioned the post.

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Actor David Spade had a hilarious reaction to the star’s new look.

“When did I get that tattoo?” he wrote.

Shane McAnally also commented: “I will never be the same.”

“Ya look like a white Lionel Richie and I love it,” another fan wrote.

“Wow that caught me off guard but yessss,” another commented.

The musician has been grooming this new look for a while now, especially the handlebar moustache.

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It’s definitely a different vibe after his usually sleek, clean-cut look.

He comes as one of the many celebrities who have undergone an isolation makeover.

A little closer to home is ex-Bachelor star Sam Wood, whom had his wife Snezana give him a ‘disastrous’ haircut.

Wood compared himself to an “oompa loompa”.

“Hi, my name is Bob. I let my wife give me a Covid cut,” Sam wrote alongside smiling selfie.

Wood’s previous shoulder-length hair was cut sitting just above his ears.

Fans were loving the ridiculous haircut, commenting on his post.

“Soo funny!! Just sums up the craziness / sh*t show of 2020!”

“If 2020 was a haircut,” wrote another fan.

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