Jason Ravnsborg, South Dakota’s Attorney General, Investigated in Fatal Crash

The dead man’s cousin, Nick Nemec, said in an interview with The New York Times on Monday that his brother, Victor, had planned to meet Mr. Boever on Sunday morning to help him tow his pickup truck out of a ditch on Highway 14, a two-lane highway with wide shoulders. The day before, Mr. Boever’s truck had run into the ditch, hit a pile of hay, badly bending its bumper, he said, elaborating on an account given to The Argus Leader of Sioux Falls, S.D.

On the way to pick up his cousin on Sunday morning, Victor Nemec passed blood on the highway, a police investigation and Mr. Boever’s pickup, which was still in position about half a mile down the road. When there was no answer at Mr. Boever’s home, they feared the worst, Nick Nemec said.

Mr. Boever worked stints as a nurse’s aide and at a grocery store, his cousin said, but was most recently employed helping Victor Nemec haul hay on his cattle farm. The brothers identified their cousin’s body on Sunday, but were not sure why he was out on the road. Mr. Nemec speculated that he may have decided to return to the pickup to get something or to try to fix the bent bumper himself.

He also said that deer accidents were common in the area. “I’ve hit a number of deers in my vehicle, it’s just something that happens around here,” he said. “You always know the second before you hit a deer you’re going to hit a deer. And even if you do hit one, you pull over, stop and check for damages and report it.”

According to The Argus Leader, Mr. Ravnsborg has received six traffic tickets for speeding in the last six years. He also was cited for driving a vehicle without a proper exhaust and muffler system, and he received a seatbelt violation.

Mr. Ravnsborg has held the position of attorney general since 2018, when he was elected with just over 55 percent of the vote. He ran in the Republican primary for a United States Senate seat in 2014 but was not chosen as the nominee. Ms. Noem was elected governor in 2018.

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