Is my broker stealing from me? (TD ameritrade?) : stocks

Images are not allowed so I don’t know what to do.

Basically this is the 3rd or 4th time I’ve noticed it, but only time I actually have concrete proof cause I was super baffled. I purchased 30 shares of AMD through limit order at about $76 two days ago. My TD account shows it extremely red at 77, 78 dollars now and says my cost basis is $83.

I went through the transaction history and the limit order is correct, the purchase shows the correct purchase price, but not in my account. What could cause this? I remember it happening/showing on a few other stocks I’ve already sold like SQ, which had a purchase price the stock never reached in history. and I just thought “huh that’s odd” but now I realize I’m actually losing a shit ton of money and I’m kind of upset and panicking and don’t know what to do.

Below I’ve attached two screenshots that show an example.

**How can I know if I’m actually losing money with this or if it’s a visual bug, I have way too many stocks and options to keep track if this is bleeding me or which stocks it affected, I’m kind of panicking, please help!**

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