Instant Mushroom Coffee Blends : mushroom coffee blend

The trend of mushroom coffee blends is steadily growing as consumers look for healthier alternatives for their morning brew. These powerful ingredients are now entering the instant coffee market as brands are looking to develop a more nutritious experience that fits with the fast-paced lifestyle of some consumers.

Sayan’s mushroom coffee blend is a great example of this. The product comes in instant packets, which is helpful if you have to make a brew at the office or someplace else. The blend combines premium Colombian coffee and reishi and chaga mushrooms, making for a powerful antioxidant superfood combination. The wellness-centric ingredients work to support the digestive system and to maintain a healthier liver functionality. In addition, the instant mushroom coffee blend—which is also vegan and gluten-free—has the power of boosting one’s immune system.

Image Credit: Sayan

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