I Have to Wear Diaper


The 35-year-old star has made use of her social media account to open up about how her body changes after she gave birth to her second child, daughter Charlotte ‘Charlie’ Drew, last week.

Mina Starsiak is bringing to light the reality of her postpartum experience. Six days after giving birth to her second child, the star of HGTV’s “Good Bones” took to social media to show off her post-baby body, and revealed to her followers that she has been wearing diapers ever since.

On Monday, September 21, the 35-year-old reality star shared a series of selfies in an Instagram post. One of the pictures displayed her rocking a blue sports bra and black shorts, while the other three offered a closer look at her wearing a diaper. In the accompanying message, she began by stating, “6 day postpartum!!!!”

“Now SWIPE RIGHT…for also…6 days PP. Just food for thought. Both are ME obviously, the first is just posed and sucked in…. suuuuper unpleasant post c section fyi,” she spilled. “The rest are me, at rest…. in my diaper, bc yes, you have to wear a diaper after giving birth bc things just come out. There’s no room for modesty after childbirth.”

Reminding her devotees that social media was not a good representation of reality, she pointed out, “So next time you wish you looked like this or dressed like that, or had it ALL together like so many of the influencers we follow, just remember…. you’re only being shown what they want you to see; part of them for sure, but usually not the whole story.” She added, “So be kind to yourselves and to those you might be quick to judge based solely on social media.”

Mina’s diaper confession was met with positive feedback from her fans. One raved, “You truly are a role model & such a lovey person! Congrats on baby Charlie! Keep being real, mama!!!!” Another gushed, “Woman, you’re gorgeous, even in the diaper!” A third expressed appreciation by writing, “Thank you for your transparency. We need more people like you!”

The home renovation guru first came forward about her expecting a second child with husband Steve Hawk in March. “It’s super, super exciting! We feel incredibly lucky,” she told PEOPLE about it months after opening up about their failed attempt at the first round of IVF treatment. Months later, on September 16, she announced the birth of their baby girl, Charlotte Drew Hawk.

Sharing a series of photos from the hospital, Mina wrote on Instagram, “She’s here!!!!” While the mother of two-year-old Jack did not offer much details in the post, PEOPLE reported that her representative confirmed she gave birth via cesarean section. Her baby girl weighed 7 lbs., 6 oz. at time of birth.