High Humidity Hair Oils : Rainy Walk Hair Oil

UKA’s Rainy Walk Hair Oil is a product designed to prevent frizz during high humidity temperatures. The product is naturally sourced, featuring powerful superfood ingredients like moringa, argan oil and acai oil.

In addition to moisturizing locks, this hair oil makes hair easier to manage and ensures frizz is curbed during high humidity weather. The oil’s “plant-derived ingredients coat hair so excess moisture in the air doesn’t penetrate it — even on a humid, rainy day.”

In addition to its plant-derived oil ingredients, UKA’s Rainy Walk Hair Oil boasts a refreshing scent that blelnds lemon and eucalyptus notes. Available via the aha LIfe web shop, the product is sold alongside UKA’s other nail and haircare favorites including its UV protection On the Beach Hair Oil Mist.

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