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There are innumerable hip hop music websites and it is difficult to keep a tab on what’s happening across all the platforms. When you are in love with the varied styles of music videos, you cannot do without a site that brings to you everything in the world of hip hop music under one roof. To get the best of collection of mixtapes and to choose the best music websites in this scene, here are just some criteria to look out for.

Latest Collections

We all would want to be the first to have our hands on the latest hip hop mixtapes and music videos. It is imperative to have a site that keeps updating its collections with religious regularity. You wouldn’t want to wait a week to view the most popular music videos release to the air waves so catch up with all the latest actions on a site that has the most extensive and updated collection.


Irrespective of how tacky gossips may sound, every ardent fan of hip hop mixtapes would love to read the latest and the juiciest tidbits from the music scene. Whether you wish to read about your favorite band or unravel the history behind an album, all such information is priceless to the music lovers. The collection of the latest mixtapes and music videos is of course the most important criteria but the most interesting and interactive music websites have loads of gossip, which are a treat in itself.

Editorial Contents

Not many would perhaps be too keen on editorial content but it is always good to hear out from the experts what their takes might well be on the series of mixtapes, whether it is a critical review of the latest number or an article on the evolution of this music scene. Reach out for hip hop music websites that bring to you intuitive and informative editorial content that would satiate your demanding spirits to know more.


We love to share our thoughts, positive or negative. There is hardly any music fan who wouldn’t want to root for their favorites and fight for their supremacy. The best hip hop based music websites are filled with opinions, ratings of the wide-range of music videos and offer an open forum to discuss anything and everything related to mixtapes. This music scene is a passion and the sites that are passionate enough should be equally thrilled with every little development as a fan.

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