Folding Clutch-Inspired Laptops : Clutop

Foldable smartphones have identified the ways in which our technology solutions can be pushed to be even more focused on mobility, which is seeing designers come up with new potential device options like the conceptual ‘Clutop’ laptop.

Designed by Heesung Choi, the laptop is focused on a fashion-forward aesthetic that is capable of being discreetly carried just like a conventional purse. The unit has a lightweight design that offers a 16:9 screen aspect ratio along with a 1:2 body ratio when closed to let users enjoy an expansive display when sitting down to get some work done without losing sight of mobility needs.

The conceptual ‘Clutop’ laptop is imagined in stylish color finished including baby lavender, bold carbon, cool green and subtle light gray, and is paired with either a leather or fabric flap for closure.

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