Even Legends Enjoy A Good $DKNG – Momentum Trading with RaginCajun

Indeud. It was a great weekend, full of pigskin, with the Ragin Cajun’s upsetting a top 25 team to start the season. We also got to witness Tom Brady, looking silly in a Tampa Bay uniform, lose his first game of the season to the New Orleans Saints.

Indeud. $DKNG was the play coming into Monday as sports betting hits all-time highs. WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE.

Indeud. Monday starts of with a bang as the momentum screen gives us 300 tickers to sort through, one being $DKNG. For those with time to sort through tickers, the full scan can be found HERE. For those without time, I’ve listed my favorites to watch for the upcoming week, enjoy:

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