Ethiopia: New Tourism Projects Serve As Landmarks for Ethiopian Tourism – Expert

ADDIS ABABA- The newly accomplished Unity Park, Sheger and Entoto projects are landmarks for the thriving Ethiopian tourism sector, said an expert.

Tourism Development Expert Kaleab Belachew told The Ethiopian Herald that the projects have a wide range of benefits for the country’s tourism sector.

The projects are comprehensive, very important, and commendable where all age groups, the diplomatic community, conference participants in the city, and business travellers will be attracted to visit, he added.Addis Ababa, Bole International Airport is international tourists’ gateway to Africa. From now on, transiting passengers prefer to book and extend their stay and spend some leisure time in Addis Ababa, according to him. Extending tourists’ stay gives an opportunity to open new business sectors and attract a large number of potential customers for hotels, transport service providers, souvenir shops, tour operators, among others, he said. Besides, having various internationally competitive and acclaimed tourist destinations in the country creates more job opportunities, and generates hard currency.

“The tourism sector’s unique feature is its tangible contribution to trickle-down economics. It benefits not only the large businesses but also small businesses in the community,” Kaleab stressed.

The domestic tourism sector is mostly centred on recreation and Hawassa and Langano are among the best destinations of the country in the past, he said adding undertaking massive recreational tourism projects will further promote domestic tourism development.

Kaleab recommended service excellence, extensive social media marketing, and certifying tour operators to excel in the tourism sector.

Accordingly, the international connectivity of Ethiopia is better than other neighbouring countries where Ethiopian, AU, UNECA, having the leading African UNESCO registered heritage, among others contribute more.

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