Does Puerto Rico want to become a state? : PoliticalDiscussion

Most Americans appear to want them to become a new state, with Republicans split and Democrats heavily in favor.

But is there a clear consensus from Puerto Ricans? The last two non-binding referendums in the territory have shown majority support for the statehood, but also have been criticized for the wording of the questions, and the last referendum in 2017 was heavily boycotted. A poll conducted shortly before the latest referendum found support for statehood at over 50%, with none of the other options reaching 20%, however, that same poll found that 72% of registered voters were planning on voting, when ultimately only 23% did, so I’m not sure what to make of it.

What are your thoughts on the last two referendums and what they tell us about Puerto Rican support for statehood?

There will be another non-binding referendum in Puerto Rico this November, will this one prove conclusive or also be disputed?

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