Demi Lovato Friends Have Hesitations About Her Fiance Max Ehrich But She Is ‘Truly In Love’ So She’s Ignoring Their Opinions

Apparently, Demi Lovato was ‘really upset’ over those supposed posts her fiancé sent out into the world since she is ‘truly in love’ with Max Ehrich. In fact, she is so in committed to him that she traveled all across the country not too long ago just to be by his side while he shoots Southern Gospel.

One source tells E! News that she turned the long travel into a ‘fun road trip’ by renting an RV.

It was definitely a new and exciting experience but, of course, the main point of the trip was that she was not apart from her fiancé.

The insider dished that ‘Demi doesn’t want to be apart from him. Demi insisted on being with Max in Atlanta the entire time he will be filming. They are inseparable and she doesn’t like to be without him.’

It just so happened that, when the two were in Atlanta together, fans began to spread some tweets screenshots allegedly shared by Max originally, which were meant to profess his love to none other than Selena Gomez!

The alleged tweets were supposedly written no less than a decade ago and read things like: ‘Hahaha Selena Gomez and Demi are cute together but boy if you think Demi is prettier … you’re WRONG!’

And that was not all! There was also another tweet that even compared the two stars’ singing skills!

‘There’s a female singer that screams so much that’s why my girl S is better than you know who,’ it reads, making it seem like he was, once again, shading Demi Lovato while praising Selena Gomez!

In the meantime, Demi has slammed the screenshots on her IG account, calling them ‘FAKE.’

But even though she is convinced they are not real, one source tells E! News that when they first surfaced, she was really upset because ‘She is head over heels for Max and doesn’t want to be heartbroken. She truly cares about Max and wants to think his intentions are genuine.’


In the meantime, however, ‘people close to Demi have expressed that they are worried and are hesitant about Max,’ but even so, Demi really loves him and wants to believe he is the one.

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