Covid 19 Travel Update from Africa

COVID 19 Update


Travel around the world has been on standstill since mid-March. Our dreams of exploring new places and experiencing new cultures has been shattered by the world’s pandemic, but there are green shoots of hope for those wishing to jet off and make new unforgettable memories.

Whilst a number of African countries are already open for business, and have been for a number of months now, in the coming weeks, we will see further openings from those that have remained closed.

The situation is ever-changing, so if you are unsure about anything, make sure you contact one of our Africa specialists who will be happy to help you.

Below you will find a quick summary of the countries border policies, but if you would like to read about a COVID-19 trip during July in Tanzania, please see our trip report, based upon our MD Marc Harris’ experiences – he enjoyed it so much, he is returning in October with his son!

Eastern Africa

Tanzania – has been open for a few months. Happy to accept all visitors from around the world. This is arguably one of the best chances to experience the Serengeti and the Ngorongoro Crater. With very few visitors, these normally busy places, have very few visitors allowing for great photographic opportunities.

COVID 19 Update

The best time to be in the Serengeti and Masai Mara? © Asilia

Kenya – Like Tanzania, Kenya is also open and welcoming visitors. Their regulations are slightly stricter than Tanzania however, so it is imperative to check with the authorities what arrival requirements are needed.

Rwanda – Rwanda has opened is borders in the last month or so. Gorilla treks are also permitted; however, the use of masks is enforced on the treks.

COVID 19 Update

Gorilla treks are possible! © Singita

Uganda – Unlike Rwanda, Uganda is currently closed to visitors, but discussions are ongoing about a tentative reopening from the 1st October.

Southern Africa

Namibia – September has seen Namibia gradually reopen for international visitors but only through certain airports. COVID negative tests are required, however the criteria has changed throughout the month – again it is best to check the travel advisory pages of each nation to ensure you are up to date with what is required.

Photographic hide in the South Laungwa

Open and ready for business. © Shenton Safaris

Zambia – Is open for tourism. Negative test results will be required to be shown upon arrival.

South Africa – A country that has had one of the hardest lockdowns enforced will see its borders open again on the 1st October. The list of countries people are allowed to travel from has not yet been published though.

Leopard at Londolozi

The slow reintroduction of opening the borders are a great sign! © Londolozi

Zimbabwe – Mirroring some of its neighbours, there are discussions about a gradual reopening from 1st October.

Botswana – Currently, there is no news about the Botswana borders opening. We expect them to follow the other Southern Africa nations.

A rare sitatunga in the Okavango Delta

Let’s hope for more sightings like this in the not to distant future! © Wilderness Safaris

In every country listed, expect when visiting to adhere to social distancing guidelines, the wearing of face masks and the use of hand sanitiser.

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