ColourPop Sandstone Collection for Fall 2020

Release Date + About the Launch

INTRODUCING THE SANDSTONE COLLECTION ☀️ Our first EVER 18 pan palette inspired by red rock and earthy fall tones 🍂

9/24, 10 AM PT

Products in the Launch

Editor’s Note: Some indigenous people have pointed out that the use of indigenous patterns/symbols is cultural appropriation (see here and here) on the packaging for this collection, which certainly brings to mind when MAC’s Vibe Tribe released and similar concerns were raised.

For some greater context, Pueblo, which is used as a shade name, can be used to refer to permanent, indigenous settlements or to refer to Pueblo peoples (or Puebloans), who are the indigenous people that populate those settlements in the Southwestern US (like Arizona, where Sedona is home to Red Rock National Park, which is known for vortexes, Bell Rock, and Templeton [Trail]–all additional names found in the palette below) (see an overview at Wikipedia).

Sandstone Eyeshadow Palette, (Limited Edition)

  • Big Bend (Matte with sparkle)
  • Pueblo (Shimmer)
  • Open Road (Matte with sparkle)
  • Vortex (Matte)
  • Quest Crew (Matte with sparkle)
  • Bell Rock (Shimmer)
  • Westward (Shimmer)
  • Red Earth (Shimmer)
  • Canyon Loop (Matte with sparkle)
  • Spring Valley (Shimmer)
  • Oasis (Matte with sparkle)
  • Desert Sky (Shimmer)
  • Blaze (Matte with sparkle)
  • Recharge (Matte with sparkle)
  • Wild Creek (Shimmer)
  • Big Butte (Matte)
  • Grounded (Matte)
  • Templeton (Matte)

Creme Shadow, (Limited Edition)

Four shades — light beige, dirty peach, dusty coral, taupe.

Lippie Stix – Blur, (Limited Edition)

Four shades — plums and browns.

Creme Gel Liner, (Limited Edition)

Three shades — green, brown, lighter red-brown.

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