Chelsea building a steady momentum with a good atmosphere in camp

Image credit – The Evening Standard

Winning games of football is not just about out-scoring your opponent and performing well on the pitch.

So much of your success can be gotten from your mental strength and general morale.

Chelsea have often looked like a team with a lack of morale and team spirit over recent years, but this season there seems to be something different about this group of players.

Off the back of two very convincing wins and a few decent performances before that, it all looks to be smiles and positivity in the Chelsea camp, and they look to be building up a steady momentum that will put fear in their rivals.

Ahead of their Champions League game against Rennes tomorrow night, the Chelsea players looked relaxed and happy at training today.

But this is something we have grown used to seeing this season, they look like a group of players who are really starting to enjoy their football and showing real signs of clicking as a group.

Ben Chilwell is the banter king going around teasing the other players, and the whole group just look to be living their best lives right now despite the current state of world affairs.

It’s refreshing to see the team spirit in the camp, and this is something that will really make the difference out on the pitch.

Just look at some of these shots from today!


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