Charitable Virtual Night Runs : Ultra Night Run

In a partnership with Strava, Michelob ULTRA is making its annual Ultra Night Run virtual this year, with participants able to connect with one another through the fitness-tracking app.

Those interested in participating in the event, which takes from October 2nd-4th, 2020, can choose between 10km and 5km, with each challenge requiring a $32.50 participation fee. In return, participants will receive a Race Kit, complete with an Energizer Headlight, glow bracelets, an LED armband and shoe clip, as well as a glow-in-the-dark racing tee and medal. The kits will also include an array of goods from the race’s sponsors, with Running Room and Brooks joining Michelob ULTRA and Strava to fund the event. Whether they choose to participate by taking to the streets or running on a treadmill, participants will be able to upload the kilometres they’ve completed through Strava.

While the app is sure to provide plenty of motivation to competitive runners, Michelob ULTRA is also teaming up with Food Banks Canada to donate one meal for every kilometre run.

Image Credit: Michelob ULTRA

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