Carrie Bickmore spits out her food live on The Project

In a segment that was meant to make viewers want to eat jellyfish instead of other regular fish, Carrie Bickmore hasn’t sold it very well.

The star, along with the rest of The Project’s panel, including Waleed Aly, Peter Helliar and Ryan ‘Fitzy’ Fitzgerald, all tucked into their jellyfish and chips on Tuesday night’s program.

The jellyfish were especially made for the segment, which urged Australians to change their eating habits.

“I don’t want to offend the beautiful people who made this,” Bickmore said, noticing how slimy the meal looked.

She was quickly interjected by Fitzy who made a disgusted sound while eating the meal.

Having a go, Bickmore tried to eat her jellyfish, but couldn’t handle the “texture”, proceeding to spit the chewed up jellyfish back into her plate.

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Aly, disgusted in her, said he didn’t mind the meal at all.

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“It’s a little bit like that green stuff you get at Japanese restaurants,” Bickmore explained.

“Seaweed,” stated her fellow co-hosts.

It came after Australians are being urged to rethink their eating habits, with new research finding that dozens of endangered species are being fished.

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Researchers from the University of Queensland warned that 92 endangered species and 11 critically endangered species are being industrially fished in oceans around the world.

75 per cent of Australian fish is imported.

Unfortunately, Bickmore didn’t make the jellyfish look THAT appealing.

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