Britney Spears asks judge to remove father Jamie as conservator

Britney Spears has taken a step against her father in her conservatorship battle.

The 38-year-old singer has filed to have Jamie Spears removed as her co-conservator, according to Us Weekly.

Jamie Spears has been Britney’s conservator over her large estate for the majority of its existence, since it was established in 2008.

It comes after Britney requested that the Bessemer Trust Company serve as her conservator instead.

Jamie had agreed to serve as co-conservator alongside the company.

In other news, the documents filed also states that Britney’s business managing company, TriStar, resigned and had a replacement hired as Jamie, without Britney’s knowledge.

“The October 28 letter is a blatant attempt by James to retain full functional control of her assets, books and records in the face of Britney’s objections, Tristar’s resignation and the appointment of Bessemer Trust,” said the docs.

“His simple litigation strategy is to introduce a new gatekeeper who admittedly has a major working relationship with his legal team.”

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Britney’s lawyer, Sam Ingham, had claimed that a “viable working relationship” between Britney, Jamie and Bessemer “would be doomed to failure even without the added stress of litigating Britney’s objections to the Account.”

After filing for Jamie to be removed completely, an additional request was added that Jamie be “suspended immediately upon the appointment of Bessemer Trust.”

The next hearing will take place on November 10 for her conservatorship case, where the request will be heard.

It comes after Britney addressed fans about her recent behaviour, assuring everyone that she is fine.

“Hi, so I know that there have been a lot of comments and a lot of people saying a lot of different things about me. But I just want to let you guys know that I am fine,” the 38-year-old said in an Instagram video.

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She continued: “I’m the happiest I’ve ever been in my life and I’m sending all of you guys a lot of prayers and wishes and a lot of love.”

The Toxic singer has been the subject of several conspiracy theories during her conservatorship battle against her father Jamie Spears.

A #FreeBritney movement began after rumours swirled that the pop star was being held prisoner by her father, who has legally been her conservator for 12 years despite the fact she’s been touring and making money.

Fans have even created a petition in hopes of helping the singer.

“Her father doesn’t allow her to drive, all of her calls & messages are monitored, she’s not allowed to vote, hang with anyone or spend her money without permission. And if she breaks a ‘rule’ he threatens to have her kids taken away,” claims one petition, with more than 100,000 signatures, lobbying for Britney’s freedom.

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