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September 19, 2020

When it comes to candid feedback, you can normally dish it out AND take it. But this weekend, your skin might be unusually thin thanks to a pair of tenderizing oppositions to the emo moon. On Saturday, la luna swings into the first of these cosmic clashes: She’s in diplomatic Libra and your truth-telling house, which gives the INSTINCT to self-edit. And yet a 180-degree angle to provocateur Mars in your communication center effectively removes all your filters. At the very least, Aquarius, try to stop yourself before you do irrevocable damage. Practice holding your tongue and counting to ten before you say anything—and then try to find a softer way to phrase it. On Sunday, home may feel anything BUT sweet as la luna shifts gears into Scorpio and faces off with Uranus in your domestic quarters. You or someone in your inner circle might be acting out of an unprocessed hurt, which can snowball out of control if you’re not mindful. Hard as it may be, try to keep a low profile.

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