7 Things to Do If get into a wreck in your bmw

No one wants to think about getting crashing your BMW, but statistically, you’re likely to file an insurance claim for an accident once every 17.9 years. That might not sound like much but when you multiply that by the sheer number of drivers and cars on the road, there is the potential for hundreds or thousands of accidents every year. What do you need to do after you get into an accident?

1. Stay At The Scene

first and most important rule you never leave the scene of an accident that
you’re involved in. Leaving the scene, especially if someone is injured,
changes the occurrence from a fender bender to a hit and run, which could have
some very serious consequences. Stay at the scene and move on to the next

2. Contact Law Enforcement

The next thing you have to do is contact law enforcement. This is especially important if it was a hit and run or there are injuries. Even if you feel like it isn’t something serious enough to require the intervention of police or medical professionals, give them a call anyway to find out whether they need to send someone to address the accident. 

3. Follow Social Distancing Rules

is a new step for 2020, but with the COVID-19 pandemic running rampant, social
distancing rules apply even after a car accident. If the other driver isn’t following
social distancing guidelines or is making you feel uncomfortable, stay in your
car until law enforcement arrives and can assist. Don’t fight with anyone over
masks or social distancing — just remove yourself from the situation until
it’s safe. 

4. Don’t Talk to Anyone

tempting to strike up a conversation while you wait for the police or a tow
truck but it’s a good idea to avoid talking to the other driver unless
absolutely necessary. Don’t admit fault and don’t talk to anyone until you’ve
had a chance to talk to law enforcement officers. 

5. Call Your Insurance Company

next step is to put in a call to your insurance company. You’ll need to contact
them again after you receive the police report but it’s a good idea to put them
on the alert that you’ve been in an accident so they can be ready to act as
soon as you are. 

6. Get Medical Attention

once you’ve gotten permission from law enforcement to leave the scene of the
accident, you need to make an appointment with your family doctor. Soft tissue
injuries from accidents like whiplash can take days or weeks to
so you could find yourself feeling symptoms long after you’ve put the whole
accident behind you. 

7. File Your Claim

once you have the police report in hand, call your insurance company again and
file your claim. The details of this will depend on who is at fault and the
amount of damage done to both vehicles, but the sooner you get the ball
rolling, the sooner you can complete the process and move on with your

Be Careful Out There

of accidents of various severity happen every single day. While no one wants to
get involved in one, it’s important to know what to do if they occur can make
it easier to deal with. 

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